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Customised to the needs of each rider our full day coaching events give riders complete coverage on all aspects of mountain biking. Input from highly experienced coaches offers riders a fantastic insight so you get the best from yourself and your bike.

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Ready to get your bike and riding dialled?

During your day our coaches and technicians work together to dial your riding and setup your bike so it works exactly as it should. Firstly, your bike and suspension are worked on, from sag to tyre pressures your bike will be at it’s Base Settings. We adjust this throughout the day and develop riding skills from that dialled setup. Coaching cornering, tackling roots and gaining speed by pumping through the trail we take your skills up a notch or two.

We cover all riding abilities, a mixed group benefits everyone as skills and weaknesses are worked on together. Throughout your day our coaches work together, each one using their specific skill set to help you develop as a rider.


  • Your favourite brew!
  • Bike check up
  • Detailed suspension composition with Will Soffe
  • Expert ride coaching from Will and Alan Milway
  • Personalised strength and fitness feedback from Alan
  • Access to some fantastic trails in the Forest of Dean
  • Detailed feedback in your Dial Pack covering bike setup, fitness and riding technique
  • Setup crib sheet for the workshop wall
  • A hearty lunch along with tea, coffee and cake from the Pedal-a-Bike-Away cafĂ©


Over a cuppa, our first point of contact is your bike. Mechanic Will goes through your bike with you, one-to-one discussing everything you want to focus on (it’s ok if you don’t know, we’ll work it out with you!). Once a basic check of your bike is complete Will sets, and adjusts if necessary, the sag position of your suspension. With your sag point set we will set your tyre pressures based on your weight, tyre structure and the conditions on the day.

Will Soffe measuring sag

Will measures the stroke of a Fox damper before adjusting it’s pressure to achieve the perfect sag point.

Your bike is now at it’s Base Settings, we work from these numbers to refine your settings and make sure everything is matched to your ability and riding style. We also run through some basic visual setup points, handlebar position, brake, shifter and dropper lever angle are the main ones but there may be others.

Noting down your settings and what you want to work on, Will has a starting point for setting your bike up and dialling your riding. We make sure to have all the volume spacers you might need if you run air forks or shock but if you are running coils springs and have different weights then please do bring them along.


Will Soffe adjusts the pressure in a Fox damper unit, perfecting the setup to the riders needs

Will Soffe adjusts the pressure in a Fox damper unit, perfecting the setup to the riders needs

With bikes dialled and brews finished we roll out to the trails and there’s plenty on offer! After a warm up spin stopping off at some different sections you have chance to get comfortable with the trails. Every rider coming to +3 rides well inside their comfort zone, that’s the place to learn technique, and build confidence speed can be added later.

” Watching you ride, observing the speed and travel your suspension moves Will focusses on balancing your bike “

Watching you ride, observing the speed your suspension goes through it’s travel and working out what will benefit each rider the morning session is all about your bike, Will focusses on balancing your front and rear suspension. Adjusting the spring rate, compression, rebound damping and tokens we dial your suspension and give you confidence to understand what the changes affect.

We also look at handlebar height, brake lever angle and a few other settings to make sure you are getting the best performance from your pride and joy.

Improving the handling of your bike is just one part of +3’s unique strength, there’s more! Multiple coaches work with each group, more eyes looking at different things, simultaneously. We combine our knowledge so your bike is setup, your body position balanced and you know where fitness improvements can be made. Alan might notice your body position out of shape, it could be the cause or result of your bike setup. A quick chat with Will and we make adjustments, and the team watch some more.

With a group riding bikes that feel fantastic we have a fun blast down to the pits, bikes locked down with support from Hiplok we head into the private dining room for lunch.

Alan Milway talking through his experience of racing at the Elite level and how that can be applied to any rider

“Alan Milway talking through his experience of racing at the Elite level and how that can be applied to any rider”


Over lunch we’re no different from any rider, we talk bikes! Along with stories and anecdotes from the pro race scene Alan Milway gives a short talk on how any rider can improve their strength and fitness for riding mountain bikes. We are provided with a hearty lunch from the Pedal-a-Bike-Away cafe but if there’s something specific you would like or have particular dietary needs then we can sort that out for you. With plates cleared we head back out the bikes and head out for a gentle spin back to the trails.


Railing his Stanton hardtail Steve gains speed and confidence through the skills section at the Forest of Dean

“Railing his Stanton hardtail Steve gains speed and confidence through the skills section at the Forest of Dean”

With your bike dialled it’s time to transition into more detailed skills coaching. All our staff have a huge amount of skill and experience with all kinds of riders. Working through trail features across the Pedal-a-Bike-Away network and sticking to our mantra of RIDE|TWEAK|REPEAT we develop your skills. From pumping through flat sections to confidently negotiating steep corners we help you improve your ability on a bike that’s perfectly setup, just for you.

Jay Williamson talking cornering with a group of +3 riders in the Forest of Dean

Jay Williamson takes his racing background into cornering with a group of +3 riders in the Forest of Dean

We make sure each rider has their checklist of skills covered, we can work with individuals within the group on specific features working on confidence and adding speed once technique is sorted.

Our goal for your day with +3 is to develop your confidence and ability across all aspects of riding bikes. Bringing the best coaching and technical know how from the world of biking we’re confident you’ll leave ready to take on your local loop with new skills and confidence, whatever the weather!

If the weather’s bad?

We cover the trails in whatever conditions we have on the day. If it’s wet we’ll work on those little bald roots that catch us all out from time to time. If we have some sun and dusty trails then we will work differently but all the time coaching to the conditions so when you get back on your bike after your +3 visit you’re ready for anything.

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