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The opportunity for the FULL pro treatment! Coaching from World Cup pinner Matt Simmonds, bike setup from the fastest moustache in UK racing, Will Soffe and World Champs winning fitness input from Alan Milway. You don’t need those new wheels or flashy kit, you need the +3 team!

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Bespoke ride coaching, guided bike setup and customised fitness development our Revolution Sessions really are a one stop shop for riders looking to improve ahead of their 2020 riding season.

The Revo Sessions run over two days: Friday focusses on bike setup then Saturday is spent developing flow, confidence and control.

So you’ve got a few extra pounds and enjoy a beer, you don’t have the latest bike and you’ve never really thought about training for riding…

The Revo Sessions are for ANY rider, all we ask for is a love of riding bikes!

The +3 Revo Sessions offer riders the opportunity to take bike setup, coaching and fitness knowledge from the best. Our coaches are in the business of going fast on two wheels and that commitment will be shared with riders joining us at Revolution Bike Park.

“The attention to detail was on another level compared to lessons I’ve had with other instructors in the past.” | Scott

World Cup Pedigree

For 2020 we’re bringing racer and coach Matt Simmonds into the fold at +3 and launching into the new year right off the back of his amazing year working with Cannondale to develop their new DH bike. As well as working with +3 riders Matt will be coaching Danny Hart and Matt Walker of Team Madison Saracen throughout their 2020 World Cup Downhill season.

Matt Simmonds talking setup with Cannondale mechanic Tom during the 2019 World Cup Downhill season

Matt has been working live on the World Cup circuit to gain the most up to date understanding of what a race bike needs to do. Not a bad start…

Dialled Bike Setup

Our bikes have a heap of clicks, pressures, flip chips and all manner of other things that can be adjusted. How do you make sense of all this? The power of the fastest moustache in UK racing! Will Soffe has been with +3 from our first ever event in 2017 and he knows how to setup bikes for each and every rider.

Unsure of how many tokens to run in your fork? Or trying to work out how to get the best from your tyres Will has the answers with unending enthusiasm.

“I was pretty happy with my setup at the start of the day, but by the end it felt awesome.” | Pete

Will Soffe working on a customer bike ready for a day of coaching and tweaking

With spannering experience from Atherton Racing, suspension knowledge built on his time at Mojo and his fundamental understanding of riders through his coaching skills Will is the full package.

Bespoke Fitness Advice

Once your two wheeled machine is sorted it’s time to make the most of your own engine, and who better than the guy who has trained multiple World Champions? Applying his extensive knowledge of fitness, injury recovery and nutrition to any rider Alan can help any rider.

It might be what to eat ahead of long day riding or how best to maintain your energy through an uplift day Alan can help you. He also has a huge amount of experience helping riders recover from injury so if there’s a niggle that’s bothering you then Alan can help.

Alan Milway coaching Mondraker rider Mike Jones at an earlier Revs Session

Alan Milway has worked with the fastest racers, from Danny Hart to Brendan Fairclough and the Athertons. He continues to develop racers and riders competing at the highest level, including British Downhill Series winner Joe Brendan.


  • Your favourite brew & healthy snacks
  • Bike check up
  • Suspension base settings
  • Pre Practice Track walk clinic
  • Sighting Runs to get warmed up
  • Feedback Clinic
  • Sessioning common track features to test settings
  • Bracketing session to refine setup
  • LUNCH!
  • Sighting Runs to get warmed back up
  • Developing line choice based on new settings
  • Post Practice Track Walk
  • Track Session


  • More of your favourite brew & healthy snacks
  • Check bikes to bring bikes to day 1 settings
  • Racecraft Clinic Introduction
  • Cornering Basics
  • Practice & Video Feedback
  • Drops Basics
  • Practice & Video Feedback
  • Jumps Basics
  • Practice & Video Feedback
  • LUNCH! Shape Of The Ground Talk
  • Skills Combinations
  • Practice & Video Feedback
  • Momentum & Energy
  • Practice & Video Feedback
  • Debrief to all riders


Our first job is to dial some base settings into your bike. We’ll allocate each rider with a slot to get your bike looked over with our mechanics.

Will goes through your bike, one-to-one discussing everything you want to focus on (it’s ok if you don’t know, we’ll work it out with you!). If you have settings you have been using then it’s handy to have them with you and we’ll provide a form to fill in prior to the event.

Once a basic check of your bike is complete Will sets, and adjusts if necessary, the sag position of your suspension. With your sag point set we will set your tyre pressures based on your weight, tyre structure and the conditions on the day.

Will checks your whole bike and if there’s something that we think is worth adjusting in the pits we will. Otherwise Will is on the hill to work out what should be changed and is in radio contact with Matt and Alan to note down things he can’t directly witness.

Will Soffe measuring sag

Will measures the stroke of a Fox damper before adjusting it’s pressure to achieve the perfect sag point.

From these numbers we refine your settings and make sure everything is matched to your riding style, we also work through visual setup points.

Handlebar position, brake and shifter angle all play a part as well as any wheelbase or options for head angle changes and bottom bracket height your frame might have.

Noting down your settings and what you want to work on, Will has a starting point for dialling your bike. Every member of the coaching team sees this information and we work together building from a dialled bike setup so you gain the most advantage from ride coaching at fitness input.

We make sure to have all the volume spacers you might need too. We’ll have all the fork and shock tokens you might need and if you’re running coils then we ask riders to bring the spare springs you have.


Will Soffe adjusts the pressure in a Fox damper unit, perfecting the setup to the riders needs

Will Soffe adjusts the pressure in a Fox damper unit, perfecting the setup to the riders needs

With dialled bikes and some warm up runs in the bag Matt will take riders through a group of track sections to develop skills. A mixture of demonstrations by himself and Will offer riders the opportunity to see how the fastest riders achieve their line choice.

From body position to braking points, when to pedal and where to pump Matt’s experience of racing World Cup downhill is invaluable. Couple that with his understanding of how a bike behaves for the best outcomes at a particular track you have the perfect cocktail!

” Watching you ride, observing the speed and travel your suspension moves Will focusses on balancing your bike “

Watching you ride, observing the speed your suspension goes through it’s travel and working out what will benefit each rider the coaching team operate as a unit.

Improving the handling of your bike is just the first part of +3’s unique strength, there’s more! Multiple coaches means more eyes looking at different things, simultaneously.

We combine our knowledge so your bike is setup, your body position balanced and you know where fitness improvements can be made. Alan might notice your body position out of shape, it could be the cause or result of your bike setup. A quick chat with Will or Matt, we make adjustments, and the team watch some more.

With a group riding bikes that feel fantastic we have a fun blast down to the pits, bikes locked down with support from Hiplok we send it down to the pits for a healthy lunch and chat about race nutrition from Alan and Matt.

Alan Milway talking through his experience of racing at the Elite level and how that can be applied to any rider

“Alan Milway talking through his experience of racing at the Elite level and how that can be applied to any rider”

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Fri 3rd Apr – Setup, Sat 4th April – Coaching, 3rd & 4th -20%

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