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The ultimate gift for the mountain biker who has every bit of kit going!

It might be learning how to get the best from modern mountain bike suspension, regaining confidence after a crash or simply developing skills to make every ride more enjoyable.

We offer a range of MTB coaching courses covering all kinds of rider needs. We offer 1:1 sessions for a full day or half day along with group sessions. Group numbers are intentionally kept low with three riders per coach. This way we are able to deliver our own brand of bespoke MTB coaching. We starting with bike setup and suspension tuning before focussing on bike skills coaching.

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1:1 Bike Setup & Coaching

Starting with bike setup and exactly what a rider wants from their MTB coaching is key to unlocking potential. We get bike setup dialled before moving into skills and common trail features. Riders might have a specific skill they are looking to improve or refine riding on a certain grade of trail.

Checking bike setup means that body position, one of the most important skills for riders to learn, is balanced and ready to go. A consistent bike is a predictable bike, and it forms the foundation to build knowledge and skills. Read more about our setup process HERE.

MTB Coaching is as much about seeing as doing, an app called Coaches Eye gives the opportunity for riders to see themselves riding the trail. In both real time and slow motion we can quickly review what is right and what might need more focus, meaning skills progress throughout the day.

1:1 coaching is priced at £185 for half a day and £265 for a full day. This includes suspension and bike setup along with focussed coaching, led by the needs of the rider. We also include a hot drink to start the day and a rewarding slice of something nice to finish. 1:1 coaching is also available for a full day and can be booked with an uplift8* to maximise going downhill!

*Uplift is subject to availability, please enquire when booking

Group Bike Setup & Coaching

We have 3 riders per coach on group days, intentionally keeping numbers low to offer the maximum input for each rider. The ride route is based on each member of the group and we start with bike setup.

Focussing on bike setup means that body position, one of a riders most important skills, is balanced and the riders understand it’s importance. A consistent bike is a predictable bike, and that forms a foundation on which to build knowledge and skills.

MTB Coaching is about seeing as well as doing. A smart little iPad app called Coaches Eye gives riders the opportunity to see themselves on the trail. Being able to quickly review what is right and what needs more focus means we can progressively develop skills throughout the day.

After a morning of tinkering with bike setup on and off the trails we head down to the pits for lunch. Fuelled up we roll back out to focus on skill development and getting comfortable with whatever trail features the group is keen on.

Group coaching days are priced at £265 per rider and include the following along with that all important morning brew! Group coaching can also be booked with an uplift* to maximise going downhill!

  • Suspension setup
  • Body position setup
  • Video feedback
  • Riding photos
  • Lunch
  • Bespoke MTB Coaching
  • Written feedback
  • Practice drills video content
  • Bike & Suspension Settings Card
  • Additional information


    £65, £85, £100, £185 – Half Day, £265 – Full Day

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