Your day with +3 has been designed to give you the most in depth MTB coaching experience, combining bike setup, trail coaching and fitness conditioning all delivered by staff with a wealth of elite level experience.

If you're looking to get the more from your bike, understand how to set it up and develop your skills to match it's capability then +3 is for you. The investment in your bike has been made, now it's the time to get the most out of it. We offer a bespoke service built around the needs of our riders, from your morning coffee to how many tokens to run in your forks, we've got you covered.

To learn more about the +3 process CLICK HERE and scroll down to find out how your day at the Forest of Dean will be run.





A full bike check up
Bike fit setup
Detailed suspension composition with Will Soffe
Expert ride coaching from Will and Alan Milway
Personalised strength and fitness feedback from Alan
Access to some fantastic trails in the Forest of Dean
Free gifts from +3 and our sponsors plus discount codes to use online
Detailed feedback in your Dial Pack covering bike setup, fitness and riding technique
Setup crib sheet for the workshop wall
A hearty lunch along with tea, coffee and cake from the Pedal-a-Bike-Away café


If you’re not familiar with the Forest of Dean or FoD to the locals then you are in for a treat! There’s pretty much everything to keep riders smiling, from smooth flowing trails to rough downhill tracks they all need to be taken on confidently. Each rider will be sent a pre-event questionnaire to fill out so we can get an idea of what challenges the group encounters during a ride. This might be something from your bike setup, personal fitness or riding technique but we encourage all riders to take down some notes of the previous month’s riding so we can gauge what needs working on from our three coaches. Once all that’s done and the van/car is packed then we’ll be waiting for you to arrive, grab your bike and share a brew in our pits before we hit the trails.



Our +3 staff for your day will be Will Soffe, resident suspension guru and ride coach and Alan Milway our Strength and Conditioning Coach. The man with the plan Dave Jaquin will be there to make sure the whole day runs smoothly and answer any questions you might have about the day. Firstly our +3 staff will grab a few settings from everyone’s bikes and over teas and coffees we’ll all chat about bike setup and apply some base settings we can work from. After a warm up ride we’ll arrive at the first trail sections where everyone can get used to the days conditions.



In the morning we’ll focus on dialling your bike in so it’s perfectly setup for you, that might be tyre pressures, adjustments to your fork and shock or adjustments to your handlebar and stem setup. Throughout this process Alan will be looking at each rider offering them some feedback on their posture, weight distribution and how best to improve their strength and power on the bike.


Over lunch Alan will give a short seminar on the fitness and conditioning of the elite athletes he works with to give you all an insight into what drives the input he will be giving all our riders. As a +3 rider you will receive the same treatment and the feedback Alan gives to elite riders tailored for you. Once the morning session is complete we’ll cruise back down to the cafe where lunch will be waiting for us.



After Alan’s talk and a healthy lunch it’s time to get back on the trails and get those legs and lungs working again. Now your bikes are dialled it’s time to focus on trail technique with our ride coach for the day, Jay Williamson.


We’ll take all the information from the groups pre-event questionnaire and tailor the afternoon’s technique session to develop a range of skills for everyone. The group may split into two groups to accommodate everyone but with four coaches at our events there’s plenty of staff to go round. There’s plenty of trail features in the Forest of Dean to cover everyones ability and we’ll make sure everyone progresses to build their confidence.


During your day with us we’ll cover all three areas of the +3 program, it might be that awkward flat rooty turn, some settings to give you confidence in the wet or some advice on rehab for an old injury. If there’s anything you want to check or test then just drop us a line and we will help you out before or after the event no problem at all.


Finally once you’ve been taken through the trails and the +3 MTB program our generous partners will top your day off by fixing you up with a few bike based treats. With you and your bike running smoothly we’ll send you on your way with new found skills and confidence both on the trails and in the workshop.

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