We develop confidence by improving ability

At +3 MTB our goal is to give you, the rider, the most comprehensive MTB coaching experience possible. We will cover your bike setup, riding technique and what you could be doing when it comes to training. We will give you the tools, both on and off the bike, to develop these skills and your knowledge so you can get the best from yourself, your bike and the trail.


Our coaching staff have been chosen not only because of their experience in specific fields but because they can take that knowledge and apply it to a variety of rider abilities. We work with the complete spectrum of riders, whether you want to beat the clock or just your mates on a weekly ride our focus is on being inclusive with each rider having a common goal in all three areas.


Some riders will need equal input from all three coaching areas and some will want to concentrate on one more closely. To meet this need we ask all riders to fill out a questionnaire about their bike’s setup, record what they were confident with and what held them back over a normal month’s riding. With this in place we can accurately tailor each coaching event to the group in attendance and all riders will leave having developed what they came to work on.

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Getting your bike setup correctly can be pretty confusing when it comes to all the options. Front and rear tyre pressure, fork tokens, shock adjustments and choosing the right combination for a given rider, bike and conditions can seem complicated.


We will look at everything from your weight distribution, suspension setup and balance, grip circumference, handlebar width, the list goes on!  Once we have the ‘car park’ settings dialled we will work with you to make adjustments on the trail and add this to your Dial Pack so you can refer to it afterwards. We’ll also take the weather into account, changing a few settings when the weather turns can really benefit your riding so having some idea of what to change and when is a great help.


Our focus for the day or two you are with us will be to bring together all aspects of bike setup so riders understand how their bikes works rather than testing and questioning an adjustment. Quality bike setup is at the core of +3 and from this solid base you can develop your skills and in turn develop a deeper understanding of your bike and how to get the most from it. 


With your bike is setup, we will work on some simple and other more complex riding techniques so you can develop as a rider aboard a bike you know and trust to be setup correctly. To maximise your riding development each of our coaches has given their input to the +3 MTB Coaching Code, this is the basis for all our coaching events and these principals are underpinned by our three part approach to coaching.


Our approach is very much a combined effort from the coaching staff. Each one looking at their individual specialism and linking that knowledge to the others as it’s delivered to you, the rider. Whichever coach is working on your event day they will all follow the same process with their own twist, each of our coaches have such a wide base of experience they can deliver each rider the best possible input on all aspects of their technique.


Technique coaching will be split across two sessions, the morning giving riders the opportunity to tweak their bike’s settings to understand how changes to their bike setup affects riding. Any changes will be discussed with our suspension technician who will record all settings for each rider. After lunch we move on to riding skills with deeper input from our ride coach. As described above, +3 ride coaching is based on our own detailed program designed to develop each rider within their own level of ability. Every aspect of your riding will be reviewed and recorded then presented with video or photo analysis in your Dial Pack.


With your bike setup and technique dialled in there’s one important piece of the puzzle left. Often simply described as ‘fitness’ your overall strength, power and aerobic ability all contribute your fitness. Being fitter equals the ability to ride more and having power and muscle in the right places also reduces the chance of injury or fatigue.


Our Strength and Conditioning coach Alan Milway has worked with the best in our sport. Riders like Danny Hart were under the watchful eye of Alan leading up to his monumental 2011 World Championship winning run. From there Alan has worked with the Atherton family, Manon Carpenter and now riders like Brendan Fairclough and Joe Breeden train under his program. Alan has taken all that experience and filtered it to form an approach for any rider who is looking to improve their skills on the bike. To achieve this Alan will work with all riders on their individual needs, that may be a small weakness, an old injury or simply giving you a better understanding of how to get the most out of riding.


We’re not looking to get everyone down to the gym, but we can help with that! The main thing is for riders to understand that there are a few key things that if done consistently will deliver improvements. That might be anything from warming up properly, eating the right food on long rides or how best to increase your strength and power when trying to beat your mates.