These brands have got our back, and yours.

Based just outside Vicenza, Italy Extreme Racing Shox have been designing and building dampers for every type of motorsport you can imagine since the mid eighties. With an eye for making the fastest vehicles go even faster the team have given their expert attention to mountain bikes.  Their two rear shocks, the Storia and Arma are truly unique in MTB and take grip, control and confidence to a new level. 


Hiplok epitomise a brand who identify a need and just jump right in and get it done. The original wearable lock brand Hiplok have expanded their range consistently to become the most versatile and forward thinking bike security brands in cycling. 

We use the new Z-Lok and the super sturdy Homie to keep every bike at our events safe and secure.


Innovative, stylish and above all protective, 7iDP are a brand we trust to keep us safe on the trails. 

With a design ethos grounded in riding all types of bikes and terrain the guys at SeveniDP take protection to the next level. 

Developing new products with riders like Sam Hill and Steve Peat you know these are pads to trust. 


Antidote Bikes hail from Kraków, Poland and have been designing, building and refining their beautiful carbon bikes for almost 6 years now. Breaking the traditions of the bike industry by keeping production local Antidote’s range commands respect and awe in equal measure across the MTB world. 


Quite literally part of the fabric of UK Mountain Biking Royal Racing have been there from the start and continue to push what we wear on our bikes to new levels of comfort and quality. Never happy to accept a compromise of adapted moto gear Royal develop apparel for riders across the world with roots firmly set in the UK riding scene. 


Developed when the big man from Sheffield was racing World Cup downhill with the Santa Cruz Syndicate Peaty’s started with their famous tyre sealant. Now moving into cleaning products with their Loam Foam and tubeless systems with rim tape and valve setups these guys are taking their vast experience and applying it to all our bikes.


Bikes take a beating when ridden, raced, slung on uplift trailers and thrown down trails. Invisiframe make sure your pride and joy stays looking like new. Their innovative clear frame protection gives you confidence that the loose stones on that flat out descent won’t damage your frame. A simple solution available for any bike.


Supporting pretty much every frame out there Offset Bushings are a simple device that adjust a bike’s geometry and handling characteristics. Swapping out the standard bushing from a rear shock an Offest Bushing will lower the Bottom Bracket height and slacken the head angle of any bike. A fast, cheap and effective way to get that little bit more performance from your bike.


MTB printed matter created during the age of distraction. That tag line says it all really! Shredder have built a reputation for honest zines covering a huge range of subjects in biking with an edge that only critical observation can deliver. Witty and inspiring Shredder deserves a place on every rider’s coffee table, or on the shelf next to the loo!