Over the last decade the bikes we ride have gone through some huge changes. Suspension design, geometry, tyres and drivetrains have all taken a leap forward to offer a massive choice to riders when it comes to buying or upgrading a bike. This acceleration in product development and the changing way we buy bikes can leave riders searching for ways to have more fun on their bikes by getting the most out of themselves and their machines. Having travelled to some of the worlds best trails and seen the whole spectrum of our sport the +3 MTB team has worked to pool a broad knowledge base for the benefit of all riders.

As our bikes become more complex and our sport matures so to do the sources from which we all draw information. Online and printed media are both fantastic sources covering a huge breadth of ideas and information, #printaintdead, but we feel that developing a rider’s understanding to the next level can only be done in person.

To an experienced rider current media can be the perfect place to seek out that specific nugget of data but it can also be a minefield of contrasting ideas to even the most proficient rider. +3 MTB is a place to start a conversation with riders and give them the opportunity to ask questions of the riders, coaches and technicians that have broad, real world experience that they have been recruited to apply at our coaching events.

This face to face approach is where we take MTB coaching and take it to the next level.

You’ve just bought a new set of forks online, great deal and that voucher code got you another 10% off, winner! Now they have been fitted you’re stood in the garage clicking dials until your new fork passes the ‘carpark’ test. Time to hit that trails!

With your phone ready to take some notes you click your fork dials and ride the same length of well known trail half dozen times making clicks and pushes here and there. Is it right? Well it feels ok and it must be better because it’s new!

This can be a perfect way to test your setup and just getting out and riding your local trail is mega anytime but take yourself to that trail and think how might that ride differ if:


– A suspension tech that has worked with the Atherton Team was giving you some settings ideas based on watching you ride.

– The coach who was in the gym with Danny Hart leading up to ‘that run’ in Champery was seeking out areas you could improve your overall conditioning and power.

– There’s a guy pointing out lines you’ve never seen who has learned his craft racing National Series and DH World Cups for over 15 years

Mix all those together and +3 MTB aims to give you exactly this input, a more rounded understanding of what is going on inside those forks when they hit the dirt, why you’re getting arm pump or a sore back and how you can create speed from a corner rather than lose it.


Working with a select group of professionals we will deliver consistent, credible and easy to digest information to riders who want to make the next step in their bike knowledge, riding technique and overall fitness. We understand that the majority of riders out there are not racers but the knowledge of our team has been refined to apply to any level of rider.


Some riders may need significant changes defining a shift in their setup to create the improvements they are looking for but a rider who is more experienced and in tune with their bike could just need a tweak here and there to feel the same benefit.


Wherever a rider fits in the spectrum of setup knowledge, bike handling skills or fitness we think there is something we can offer them from a day with +3 MTB.


We are aiming place a rider in the best position to ride more confidently, with more control and ultimately to extend the smiles our bikes hand out on each ride.


We’re looking forward to meeting you and if you need any more information then please get in touch with us by emailing contact@plus3mtb.com and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

See you on the trails!

The +3 MTB Team