“+3 are seriously awesome!
They’ve taken MTB coaching
And turned it up to 11″

Alex P



Beyond developing technique, we work with your bike. Dialling your suspension, body position and bike setup so you learn faster, more consistently and with maximum confidence.



bespoke suspension setup with Plus 3 MTB at Cwmcarn trail centre

Being the most crucial contact point we start with tyres and get the right pressure. Then on to dialling in sag and basic suspension setup before putting down a baseline for the cockpit. Out on the trails we use video feedback alongside direct feedback to dial your bike setup in a controlled way.  Tweaks are made and sections repeated to test what works for each rider.


bespoke MTB coaching with Plus 3 MTB at Cwmcarn trail centre

On a dialled bike we transition into ride coaching, on fantastic trails. Following a bespoke route we cover all kinds of trail features making sure each rider covers what they’re looking for. Corners make up a huge part of confident riding so we search them out, work through techniques and leave them riding more smoothly and faster.

“I came away with more confidence for braver line choice on the trails”

Matt B

We translate simple, relatable techniques into each rider’s skill set. Rider’s can join our coaching community to continue their progression online before returning every three months to keep learning and growing in confidence. 


bespoke MTB coaching with Plus 3 MTB at Cwmcarn trail centre

Your bike is now running a customised setup, new techniques have brought fresh confidence…the stage is set for MTB glory!

Now it’s time to get out on the trails and put what you’ve learned into practice. We’ll give you all the settings changes made throughout the day along with video and photo feedback so you can refer to it as you progress. Once you’ve been along to a coaching session with +3 you can join a rolling program of feedback and private events. Find out more HERE and if you have any more questions drop us a line HERE.

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Steve | Stanton Switchback

“I found the day really informative and definitely ironed out some bad habits and improved massively throughout the day. The guys that run it make you feel at home right from the start, you’ll be in good hands well worth it.”