“+3 are seriously awesome!

They’ve taken MTB coaching

and turned it up to 11″

Alex P

Ride | Tweak | Repeat


+3 is the next level of MTB coaching. MTB has evolved hugely, bikes are now hugely capable but not always perfected for every rider. Our focus is on your bike setup, refining suspension, cockpit and tyre setup BEFORE concentrating on your riding. Once your bike is dialled we move to improve confidence, develop skills and allow you to ride at the pace you want to.

We test ideas, learn then ride from suspension setup to cornering technique, in a few words we…

Ride | Tweak | Repeat

#1 Bike Setup

Watching you ride and observing your bike we will dial your perfect suspension and bike setup.

Recording adjustments to everything from tyre pressure to brake lever angle you’ll understand the changes we make and how they effect your riding.

#2 Ride Coaching

Our MTB coaching days are tailored to you. From a dialled bike setup we work on body positioning, smoothing out corners and how you can develop speed. Jumps, drops and line choice in technical are covered and we give drills to work on between sessions.

Our focus for developing a rider’s skill level is to work on simple, relatable techniques that you can take out on to the trail straight away and feel the difference.

#3 Bespoke Progression

Your bike is dialled, techniques figured out…the stage is set for MTB glory!

Now it’s time to get out on the trails and put what you’ve learned into practice, literally into practice. We’ll give video and photo feedback from your session and if you choose join the +3 program then you’ll be in for an MTB treat.

We customise feedback constantly evolving over weeks or months either working on rolling improvement or targeting a specific goal. From your first coaching session we build a plan around you, if you’re riding daily or once a week we tailor your practice, feedback and face to face sessions.

Our founder Dave teams up with Alan Milway to cover strength and fitness, Matt Simmonds to deliver detailed riding techniques and Chris Akrigg to help you get the most from your E-MTB.

Mountain biking is progressive and consistent MTB coaching offers you a chance to develop everything from basic and technical trail technique to working towards your first or fiftieth race. We’ve got you covered and your bike dialled.


Matt 42 joined us in the Forest of Dean for a coaching day

Matt | Giant Anthem

“It was great to be able practice what you were being shown and getting immediate feedback was really helpful. I definitely came away with some more confidence in my riding ability and being braver in line choice on the trails.”

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Steve | Stanton Switchback

“I found the day really informative and definitely ironed out some bad habits and improved massively throughout the day. The guys that run it make you feel at home right from the start, you’ll be in good hands well worth it.”

Alex joined us for a coaching day in the Forest of Dean and this is his +3 MTB review

Alex | Cube Stereo

“These guys are seriously awesome. They have taken mountain bike coaching and turned it up to 11. With 4 professionals watching you throughout the day it would be impossible not to take something away from the course.”